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project mission

The project focuses on the role of animals in the livelihood strategies of people in sub-Saharan Africa, and the implications of these relationships for multi-species health and wellbeing.


What is AliveAFRICA?

AliveAFRICA is a multi-country ethnographic study funded by the European Research Council. The project explores the changing role of animals in contemporary livelihood strategies in Africa, the impacts of emerging livelihood strategies for health and wellbeing, and the ways that people respond to governmental and non-governmental interventions that seek to manage these human-animal relations.

With a focus on hunting and farming practices, and emergent and long-standing zoonotic diseases, AliveAfrica will provide insights for sustainability across species and will help shift thinking around health and livelihoods in Africa towards a post-human vision that enables multi-species stewardship.

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Our Research

Our project is undertaking detailed ethnographic case studies in Kenya and Sierra Leone to shed light on contemporary animal-based livelihood strategies in sub-Saharan Africa, and to explore the implications of these relationships for multispecies health and wellbeing.

A further multi-sited case study follows One Health projects, policies, and relationships in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. This case study will explore the global dimensions of emerging forms of multi-species governance and study how One Health projects are produced, delivered, and received on the ground.

About AliveAFRICA and partners

AliveAFRICA is a collaboration between Durham University, the University of Nairobi, Njala University and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

Our project will co-produce knowledge with non-academic partners and build capacity among African scholars to maximise the reach of the research and ensure its long term legacy. We are collaborating with various stakeholders and partner organisations, including the Ministries of Health and Agriculture in Kenya and Sierra Leone, ILRI in Kenya (the International Livestock research Institute) and the FAO (the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN).

Hannah Brown

Principal Investigator

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Salome Bukachi

Senior Co-Investigator and Country Lead for Kenya

Jack Jenkins

PDRA & Co-Investigator

Andrea Kaiser-Grolimund

PDRA & Co-Investigator

Tommy Matthew Hanson

PDRA, Co-investigator and Country Lead for Sierra Leone

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