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Meet Our Team

Our Researchers

Hannah Brown

Durham University, UK Principal Investigator
Hannah Brown is a Professor of Anthropology at Durham University. Hannah’s research is situated at the intersections of the anthropology of development, global health, and biomedicine, with particular focus on the social study of animal diseases, epidemics, community-based development and health systems in Africa.

Andrea Kaiser-Grolimund

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel PDRA & Co-Investigator
Andrea Kaiser-Grolimund is a postdoctoral scientific collaborator at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) and also lectures in Medical Anthropology at the University of Basel.

From 2015 to 2018 Andrea coordinated the Anthro-Zoonoses Network for social science engagements with Human-Animal health, together with Hannah Brown at Durham University. She is currently interested in social science engagements with One Health, medical anthropology perspectives on human-animal health, and the role of biomedicine in global health.

Jack Jenkins

Durham University PDRA & Co-Investigator
Jack Jenkins is a Research Fellow in the department of Anthropology at Durham University. Jack’s background is in International Development.

Jack has previously researched transport infrastructure and services in Liberia and Sierra Leone, focusing on how connecting isolated communities to the road network contributes to rural development in the areas of agriculture, education, employment, and health. He has also studied how improved rural-urban connectivity achieved in the post-war period in these countries has allowed rural women, previously tied down by domestic or farm activities, to participate more fully within the scope of market relations of production. Jack was awarded a grant by the Volvo Research and Education Foundation in February 2024 for research into children’s mobility challenges in secondary cities in Ghana and Liberia.

Salome Bukachi

University of Nairobi Senior Co-Investigator and Kenya Country Lead
Professor Salome Bukachi is a social/medical anthropologist with over 20 years’ experience working on infectious diseases with a focus on community knowledge and practices in relation to livestock and zoonotic diseases, gender issues, nutrition anthropology (specifically cultural aspects of food ways, food behaviour, food safety and food security), health systems, socio-economic and cultural/behavioural aspects of infectious diseases and development. She lectures in Anthropology at the University of Nairobi as well as supervising students undertaking research. She also works with various stakeholders, both local and international, in undertaking research and development on anthropological issues.

Tommy Matthew Hanson

Njala University PDRA, Co-Investigator and Sierra Leone Country Lead
Tommy Matthew Hanson is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Work, School of Social Sciences and Law, Njala University. He has recently completed a PhD in Medical Anthropology. He is the Chairman of the Academic Staff Association (Bo Campus) and a founding member of the West Africa Social Sciences Emergency Response Network (WASSERN). Affiliations and collaborations with other research institutions include; University of Sierra Leone, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London School of Economics and International Development, University of Sussex and Durham University.

Wahab Lawundeh

Njala University/University of Basel Research Assistant/Masters Student
Wahab Lawundeh is a graduate in Sociology (Anthropology Option) at Njala University. His research interest is bush meat trading and its impact on the public health emergency in Sierra Leone. He has also written on the socio—economic impacts of cultural heritage in Sierra Leone. Whilst continuing to contribute his expertise to the project, Lawundeh is currently studying for an MA in African Studies at the University of Basel, which he started in February 2024 following the award of a scholarship. The Masters program draws on the social sciences, humanities and the natural sciences, and equips students with the in-depth knowledge and skills for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific examination of Africa.

Julia Karuga

University of Nairobi Research Assistant
Julia Karuga is a social anthropologist with over 10 years’ experience in research. She has published on tsetse and trypanosomiasis control, and has designed and implemented several research and evaluation projects in previous positions at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and UNICEF Kenya. She has recently been awarded a scholarship to study for a PhD in Anthropology at Durham University, which will start in October 2024. Julia will undertake an ethnographic study to explore the ways in which AMR strategies and surveillance processes are shaping dairy farming practices in Kenya.

Our Advisors

Dr Lucy Pickering

University of Glasgow Ethics Advisor
Dr Lucy Pickering is a senior lecturer in medical anthropology at the University of Glasgow in the UK. Her work focuses on questions of dirt and specifically how dirt and dirtiness are understood in relation to bodies and sanitary infrastructure, in particular latrines, composting toilets and menstrual infrastructure. She has also worked for a number of years in the field of drugs research, combining these two areas of interest through the ways in which stigma plays out through the ways in which some people can be understood as ‘dirty’ by others and also more directly through research into excretion and substance use. She also has a long-standing interest in research ethics, with a particular focus on research ethics beyond ‘data collection’ and reflexivity as ethical practice in the context of complex social relations.

Prof Melissa Leach

Advisory Group Member
Professor Melissa Leach is not only a pioneer of the anthropological study of One Health, but she also has decades of regional expertise in West Africa, with research interests in livelihoods, development and multi-species wellbeing. A social anthropologist and geographer, her interdisciplinary, policy-engaged research in Africa and beyond links environment, agriculture, health, technology and gender.

Prof Jakob Zinsstag

Advisory Group Member
Professor Jakob Zinsstag is a founder of the One Medicine movement that was a forerunner to the One Health movement in which he is a world-renowned expert. The One Health group develops theoretical and methodological foundations for integrated human and animal health approaches, seeking to improve human and animal health at the same time.

Our Administrator

Jane Abel

Project Administrator (part time)
Jane Abel is an experienced project and office administrator, with responsibility for organising the practical, financial and logistical side of the AliveAfrica project.